Sailing in the Seychelles

The definition of paradise for your charter yacht

Between sky & sea, a jewel on earth Seychelles anchorage Anse LazioTransparent turquoise waters, a plethora of fish, magnificent beaches, an exuberant fauna, a luxuriant flora, a fascinating culture and an original and hospitable population combine to make the wealth and splendour of the Seychelles.

This precious heritage has been jealously and carefully conserved by the government. Protection of the environment is invariably the guide line for all development plans. The granite islands nearby stretch up to 60 miles from Mahé. Navigation is easy, while keeping an eye to the coral reefs. Tides are modest, with a range of some 1.8m. Moorings are plentiful, often deserted, and distances are under 30 miles.

Amirantes, Farquhar and Aldabra are further away. These coral islands are spread as far as 120 to 70 miles from Mahé. Navigation is more arduous, while the rarer channels and moorings are covered by special regulations, and the presence of a skipper/guide is compulsory.

The tropical climate of the Seychelles is as friendly as the inhabitants. The constant temperature of the air wavers between 25 to 30°C, that of the water between 24 and 29°C.

As it is outside the hurricane zone, navigation is possible all year round. The south-east trade winds blow from mid-May to mid-October. At the beginning and end of the season, they blow at an average of 15 knots, strengthening to 20 to 25 knots during August.

From December to mid-March, the north-east monsoon calms the winds which drop to an average of 5 to 10 knots. The sea is wonderful but rain is more frequent, especially from December to February.The low seasons will delight those who love quiet cruises and deep sea diving. With mild and variable winds, the climate remains pleasant and warm, punctuated by a few showers to refresh the atmosphere.

The southern trade wind blows from mid-May to mid-October (the Indian winter).

At the beginning & end of the season is blows at about 15 knots, in August it can be 20-25 knots, at which time the swell is comparable to Caribbean conditions.

The northwest monsoons set in from December to mid-March, when the wind is more gentle at 10-15 knots and seas are generally calm. Rain is frequent then, in short bursts, particularly from December to mid-February, but long sunny periods separate the showers – again, rather like the Caribbean. This is the Indian summer.

Off-seasons are ideal for calm cruises and diving. Winds have far less strength and are variable. The weather is invariably sunny and hot, with scattered showers to clear the air. In a nutshell, it’s little short of paradise.

General information
Principal Island
Mahé. Capital Victoria, population ± 97,000.
Valid passport. A visa is issued at the airport & you must have a return or onward ticket.
No vaccinations are required for those arriving from Europe. For other origins contact the nearest Seychelles Tourist Board (in the Seychelles this is at Independence House, PO Box 92, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles. Tel (248) 225 313. Fax (248) 224 035)
International airport
Mahé, 15 minutes from Victoria. Served by Air Seychelles, Air France, British Airways, Condor & Kenya Airways
Official language
Creole, English and French.
Seychelles Rupee, for up to date exchange rates see

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