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nj-yacht.com_Palm-fringed Drake Channel in the BVIIf you are looking to charter a sailing or motor yacht, whether crewed or bareboat, but haven’t yet decided where to go, the choice of sailing areas is huge, providing interesting cruising grounds for every taste.
The Mediterranean regions alone (over 2000 miles end to end) encompass the varied ancient flavours of the east in Greece & Turkey, the thousand islands of the Adriatic, the sophisticated Italian Riviera, the French Côte d’Azur and the wild landscapes of Sardinia, Corsica and the Spanish Balearic archipelago, centred on Mallorca.

Smaller, but still over 600 miles north to south and even more east to west, the Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful islands on earth. That represents an awful lot of islands in an enormous expanse of sea, with an huge mix of cultures. From island-hopping, to exploring the various shores, you can be assured of live music and excellent food wherever you end up.

Sunset at Poros in GreeceThe little jewel that is the Seychelles, almost lost in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, offers an unspoiled paradise for you to explore quietly (nightlife is not high on the agenda, mother nature is) and marvel at its natural world with creatures as curious about you as you are about them.

Still further east in the Pacific, the coral-fringed islands of French Polynesia bring dreams of innocent beauty, immortalised by Gaugin, to life before your eyes.

Explore, discover, sail! We’ll be delighted to help plan your adventure. Whether you’d like to charter a crewed yacht or bareboat yacht, get in touch today and let us help you choose the perfect yacht for your dream voyage.

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