New Luxurious Electric, Eco-Conscious 60ft Catamaran

Discover sailing in silence – even under power.

Imagine the sun’s warmth on your face, turquoise waters expanding to flat, smooth, gleaming mirror-like. No wind, so sails down. No sound either, apart from the waves gently lapping, as your catamaran glides towards the next dream cove.

Discover the world of sailing in silence. Discover ‘E Supercat’.

This new 60ft Sunreef creates a truly natural and innovative sailing experience.

She harnesses the power of the sun, sea and wind to create a truly natural and innovative sailing experience. Embark on unique voyages without the disturbance of shafts turning or generators running. Hear nothing but the beautiful oceanic environment surrounding you.


E Supercat is available for charter this winter in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean during summer 2020. Rates from €37,000 per week.

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