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If you are interested in chartering a crewed motor yacht, we offer a wide range of professionally crewed motor yachts, offering the ultimate in luxurious onboard lifestyle. Search our Motor Yachts using the form below. Once you find a boat you like, click through to view information about the boat, her amenities, crew and much more. Our Modern Motor Yachts offer an exhilarating experience on the world’s most sought-after oceans. Prepare to make waves.

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Sailing Yachts

Nigel James Sailing in the Chartered Sailing Yacht Regina

Our professional crewed sailing yachts are the height of sophistication. Ready to explore the oceans?

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Nigel James Sailing in a Chartered Catamaran at sunset

Our range of luxury crewed catamarans are particularly adventurous. Sail into the sunset today.

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 Nigel James Chartered Gulet Ship in the Marina

Our range of traditional Gulets add grandeur to your voyage. Ready to feel the wind in your hair?

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