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If you would like to charter a crewed Gulet or Motor sailer, we offer a wide range of professionally crewed choices.

Gulet? Motor sailer? What’s the difference? More than you may think. Motor sailers in the eastern Mediterranean are called Gulets in Turkey and Caiques [pron:kai-ee-kees] in Greece; different names, but essentially the same craft. Originally pure sailing vessels, used for fishing and carrying cargo of all kinds for thousands of years, these heavy wooden craft are often now amazingly luxurious and, of course, all now have engines – hence the collective term Motor Sailers.

Not all motor sailers are of antique design. Some of the more modern motor versions are generally the larger, more heavily-built sailing yachts with appropriately larger engines to aid their passage. They tend to be more stable and carry more guests than pure sailing yachts, so are ideal for larger parties, corporate events or extended families at more affordable rates than equivalent sized motor yachts. Many are very finely appointed.

Search our Gulets & Motor sailers using the selectors below. Once you find a boat you like, click to view information about the vessel, her amenities, crew and much more. Our range of traditional Gulets & Motor sailers will add a sense of grandeur to your voyage.

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Sailing Yachts

Nigel James Sailing in the Chartered Sailing Yacht Regina

Our professional crewed sailing yachts are the height of sophistication. Ready to explore the oceans?

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Nigel James Sailing in a Chartered Catamaran at sunset

Our range of luxury crewed catamarans are particularly adventurous. Sail into the sunset today.

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Motor Yachts

Racing the Nigel James Chartered Motor Yacht

Our Modern Motor Yachts offer an exhilarating experience for any sailor. Get ready to make some waves.

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