Crewed Yacht Charter

We offer professionally crewed sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, motor sailers and gulets

The Sailing Yacht Roulette full sailAre you looking to charter your own private, luxury crewed yacht?

Let us help you to choose a luxurious sailing yacht, catamaran, motor yacht or gulet for whatever adventures lay ahead. Being pampered by the professional crew of your private charter yacht, you can relax and enjoy the kind of hedonistic lifestyle that only a yacht can provide.

Chartering your own private yacht is a totally unique experience, unlike any kind of land-based or cruise ship holiday. You are assured freedom, flexibility and privacy in safe, luxurious surroundings. You choose whether you want an active or relaxing holiday – whatever your choice of yacht, destination or lifestyle, it’s entirely your decision.

If you dream of secluded tropical islands, deserted beaches, communing with nature, a romantic, relaxing escape, or something different from the ordinary holidays you’ve done before, fulfill your dream with a crewed yacht charter. Search our crewed yachts to sample a taste of what’s available. Once you do, you’ll never go back to a cruise ship or resort vacation again!

Features of Crewed Yacht Charter

  • Total Privacy – no strangers, just you and your friends doing whatever you like!
  • Fine dining – created to your individual tastes and prepared by your personal chef!
  • Water Sports – enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing and much more… or just lay back in a hammock and relax!
  • Affordable prices – comparable to a resort vacation, but with a new beach every day, always a waterfront table, no crowds or queues, and you only unpack once!
  • No fixed itineraries – You control the pace, deciding where to go and when
  • The crew does all the work- but you’re welcome to help with the sailing where appropriate
  • Having professionally licensed captains & trained crew (we know the crews and the yachts, so we can match your lifestyle and interests to the best charter options for you!)

Sailing Yachts crewed sailing yacht pacific wave

Our professional crewed sailing yachts are the height of sophistication. Ready to explore the oceans?

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Nigel James Yacht Charter crewed catamaran CARPE DIEM at sunset

Our range of luxury crewed catamarans are particularly adventurous. Sail into the sunset today.

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Motor Yachts

Racing the Nigel James Chartered Motor Yacht

Our Modern Motor Yachts offer an exhilarating experience for any sailor. Get ready to make waves.

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 Nigel James Chartered Gulet Ship in the Marina

Our range of traditional Gulets add grandeur to your voyage. Ready to feel the wind in your hair?

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