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Independent Yacht Charter Brokers

Nigel James - Experienced, Independant Yacht Charter Broker

We’re yacht charter brokers, agents of yacht owners and operators. We’re independent, just like you – free to make our choices and offer yachts from any owner or charter fleet, anywhere. The independent advice we offer and the bookings we make on your behalf can only be impartial because we are not charter-yacht operators, nor are we tied to any.

We make it clear who owns and operates the yacht you will be sailing, long before you decide to book. We are proud to offer the yachts and organisations we represent, they are the best, we don’t recommend any other.

How can we help you?

So whose boat should you sail on? Who can you rely on to deliver all those promises you read about? Which of the many yacht- or fleet-owners offer good boats, which are bad and which are just plain indifferent? Where should you go? How can you know all this in advance? Ask us – the “bad” and “indifferent” are not represented here.

We have sailed many (not all) of the vast range of vessels we offer and have enjoyed many of the destinations we suggest, and we’re still exploring. Our experience over the past twenty eight years covers most of our chartering destinations. The yachts we offer come recommended because we know them and, most importantly, the people who run them.

Yacht Charter Experts

CYBA | Charter Yacht Brokers Association LogoWe specialise in yachts. We are neither travel agents nor tour operators and we don’t sell package holidays. If you need flights, hotel, car rental, mobile phone or other arrangements we shall always recommend a specialist who can arrange these for you. And we’ll keep track of everything to make sure it all works.

Expert Advice – The destinations we offer are chosen for their climate, their beauty, where the word “paradise” trips off the tongue – whether that, to you, means remote and peaceful anchorages or fun-packed, energetic ports of call, we’ll help you decide where best to find it, if you’re not already sure.

We’ll help you to decide on the right yacht: power or sail, wild or gentle, majestic or simple, rock-solid stable or a racing machine. The right yacht in the right place, right for the people aboard, demands consideration from both yourself and from us.

No Added Cost to You

Our service is broad, but costs you nothing. You will spend no more booking your charter through us than you would direct. It could be less. If promotions are being offered we are likely to hear of them early so you won’t miss any discounts. We are also offered more concessions or increased flexibility with charter arrangements than you might be personally.

A Helping Hand

We are very careful whom we recommend, but this is the real world, sometimes things go wrong. If a problem arises we’ll do our best to help (when you return, we’ll always check with you anyway, just in case) and we probably have more influence than an individual would, so let us know if there’s a problem. If you have language difficulties we’ll deal with them for you.

Why Choose Nigel James Yacht Charter?

Your business is important to us and we’d like you to come back to us again. Many do. You will only do that if you’re happy and we’ll do all we can to ensure you are. Consider us your link between those far-off, dream-like places and home. We’re sailors, too, so we know what this feels like.

You sail your dream, we’ll take care of the details. Get in touch and let us help you to find the perfect yacht for your dream voyage, whether on a sailing yacht or motor yacht – and always in one of the world’s most beautiful places.