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The Annual International Regatta in Greece
in the Argosaronic Gulf - Saturday 25 Oct - Sunday 2 Nov 2014

Come to the 24th Blue Cup!
"The best fun you can have on water"

From its inauspicious start in 1991 the Blue Cup has grown into a respected & much loved international event, where many nations (12 in 2013) meet annually in friendly rivalry to race yachts between islands in the Saronic Gulf of Greece.

Around 50 chartered bareboat yachts race each year in the Blue Cup, mixing island passage racing with round-the-cans in a route whose detail changes every time.

With an average of 350 sailors in some 50 yachts each year, the Blue Cup attracts entrants from all over the world, many of whom are by now old friends. Each year sees many previous crews reunited, alongside new crews racing and celebrating together

Fun racing is mixed with cocktails, dancing and partying at every port of call, each of which has a special welcome with receptions, parties and prizes for each day's racing.

Join us in 2014 for what we say is stii "the best fun you can have on water!"

See the 2013 regatta regulations, route & technical details here. This year's may differ but will be similar
Blue Cup Yacht charter prices in euros
Yacht typeYearBerthsCab/Head Yacht Price D/L Waiver Entrance Fee Total
Oceanis 3708-136-83 dbl /119503304302710
Oceanis 4008-1183 dbl /223003304303060
Oceanis 4112-1383 dbl /225403304303300
Sun Odyssey 40913-146-83 dbl /225403304303300
Cyclades 43.406-078-103 dbl 1 tw /226803304803490
Oceanis 43.408-1183 dbl 1 tw /228503304803660
Sun Odyssey 43913-148-103 dbl 1 tw /231004204804000
Oceanis 4609-1183 dbl /235004204804400
Oceanis 45.412-13104 dbl /235004204804400
Sun Odyssey 46913-148-104 dbl /443504204805250
Oceanis 540994 dbl 1 sgl /3+14750 *5605310
Cyclades 50.506-0910-124 dbl 1 sgl 1 tw /3+144505005605510
Sense 501292 dbl 1 sgl 1 tw /25100 *4305530
Oceanis 5010104 dbl 1 sgl 1 tw /3+146505005605710
Oceanis 50 premier†10104 dbl 1 sgl 1 tw /3+149505005606010
Oceanis 4812-14104 dbl 1 tw /349505005606010
Oceanis 523 R0610+24 dbl 1 tw /55630 *5606190
Oceanis 5513104 dbl 1 tw /57400 *5607960
Beneteau 5706-07104 dbl 1 tw /58250 *5608810

*Refundable Security deposit 3500 †Generator & air conditioning. R = roller furling mainsail
Please note Before the event all these yachts will be re-measured under IMS rules and split into classes.
Yachts are listed above only to indicate different mainsil types, not IMS classes

What's included
In addition to the yacht charter itself, the cost of all social functions, regardless of crew numbers, end-of-charter yacht cleaning
  What's NOT included
Fuel, payable at check-out, at cost price, depending upon your consumption, flights & personal insurance

Prices are only quoted in euros. Other currencies will be accepted at prevailing exchange rates in London at the time booking deposits and balance payments are made

All participants in use standard charter yacht equipment, so no specialist knowledge is required. Racing is under the low-point scoring system, under the guidance of the Race Committee and the whole technical team is on hand to ensure a successful event.
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